Face Mask against COVID-19

The corona virus pandemic is one of the weirdest times we as humans are ever going to have to go through. Plain and simple. The pain and suffering people have gone through emotionally, mentally and physically is very sad. At this point though, the only thing that we can do is to slow the spread of the virus, versus trying to actually stop the entire thing. There are a variety of different practices that we can do in order to stop slowing the spread of the virus. One of the biggest things has to be social distancing. You have to make sure that you keep distance from others so that you are giving yourself the best chance to not spread or attract the virus. Most people recommend 6 feet is the best distance without changing our normal lives that much. 

The whole reason we are writing this article though is not about social distancing. It is on one of the most important pieces of equipment in the entire pandemic and that is a face mask. If you haven’t been around yet, you will see that most everyone has a mask or has one on at some point. This is very good practice for keeping the virus slow from spreading. Masks are going to be key because they make sure that anything from your mouth or nose won’t get on anybody else. 

There are many different kinds of masks out there that you can do some research on to find what is going to be the best option for you. One of the biggest and most popular masks is going to be a smaller reusable mask. They are typically blue and very flimsy. It is important you only wear each mask one time. If you wear it more than one time you have a chance to get yourself sick and that is the worst part about this is. If you get yourself sick you are putting yourself at greater risk to get something worse with the virus. 

We recommend that you get a reusable mask that you are able to wash after each use. This is going to be by far the safest way to keep yourself safe. There are tons and tons of them out there on the market now due to the corona virus pandemic. We highly suggest you spend a decent amount of money to get a mask that is going to last you for a while. Sadly the pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. You have to be prepared to fight as long as this goes on for, which probably won’t end anytime soon. Masks are at the very minimal what you should be doing in order to keep yourself and others safe from COVID 19.

On top of masks, there are a bunch of other medical supplies out there that we need in order to keep ourselves safe. We would like to take a minute to step aside from the article to thank all of the first line responders and people working in the hospital. Without their hard help and dedication, none of this would be possible. The amount of people alive would be much much lower and the pandemic could become even worse than we could have ever imagined. At this point in the pandemic, the only thing you can do is educate yourself and your loved ones. We are never going to get rid of the virus now. We need to do everything in order to slow it though.